Nargis Fakri 2014

Nargis Fakhri is one of its kind personality. It is hard to believe that she is her age 35, her body and facial beauty is becoming simply irresistible day after day. Her counterpart actress hardly posses such youthful attraction at 35.

One striking feature of her is sharp tight figure. This fiery beauty effect seems to be the direct result of her birth date oct 20 falling on the cusp period of number 6 and 9.

While her birth date is 20, her destiny number is also similar- 29. And both adds together to 49, having the effect of number 5.  She won millions of youngster’s heart more so because of her boldness. She debuted as a kingfisher model.

Number 5, as we know, creates actress who can challenge the best of the norms of nudism. They set new trends in nudity all because of their own irresistible figure. Nargis Fakhri is the best example. Look at her earlier kingfisher photo shoots, especially her famous topless sensational photo.

Persons affected by 6 remains gracious ever, in her recent 2014 photo shoots, she has simply turned into bombshell!

It is said that number 2 creates good acting talents. And if it gets the support of 6 [like her case], they turn into Amitabh Bachchan’s calibre. [It should have been more clean though].

Beautiful actress NARGIS FAKHRI name also has its own charm. It is adding to 15 + 19 = 34. As said, numbers 15 and 19 are amazingly good numbers as per the meaning of numerology. But, of course, 34 is not good.

Number 34 carries within itself the danger of leg or bone injury/malfunctioning due to major accidents. The reason is- 34 has the tendency to change into 35 which kills luck.

One need not worry, because one can escape future dangers by a suitable name change.

She acted in Rockstar along with Ranbir kapoor. Since I didn’t like its immoral story, I didn’t paid much attention to her either. But, now in Main Tera Hero, she looked so perfect in the comical role.

Ah, how could i forget about kick, she looked damn hot in yaar na miley song!

Predictions for Nargis fakhri 2015 birthday –

She has entered in her 35th age. Since her birth destiny is adding to 4, her age in 8 could be different. She could suffer setbacks in love affairs but get success in films. Again, the number 35 carries the risk of accidents, stagnation, involvement in crimes. She should stay away from risky things.

Her upcoming film title should be modified to suit her numbers. Then, she would get more success. Since her birth month is 9, she need to avoid few numbers.

Nargis fakhri should approach new modelling assignments available in 2015, new film projects , product advertising etch in a calculated manner.

What beauty products she might be using that keeps her so fresh? I Always keep guessing…. Few moments of her beauty captured in all time, recent and 2014 photos of nargis fakhri presented here-

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