bang bang hrithik katrina 2

Like all the other movies, we had valuable tips for Hrithik’s Bang Bang. Those who listened to our words, managed to save from shockers. Now that it has already been released yesterday, nothing can be reverted.

Bang Bang review as per numerology strongly recommended a spelling change- The ‘Bang’ word in the title adds to unlucky non monetary and dull number 11.

Also, it has the tinge of number 21, total adding to 42 or 6. Movie titles in 6 should never be released on 3. Thursday, numerologically, means 3. And the release date [which should strictly be auspicious] has 3-

Oct 2, 2014 adds to number 10. This number expands to 28 [because 0 means 18]. So, the date and destiny is making 30-


28 = 30   which is bad for 42 [movie title].

When we are given film assignments, we do take care of these points. Hrithik has always been worthy but starting from his debut film, he hasn’t been lucky enough to get the good benefits of numerology. Bang bang news would reveal more.

These things might not reflect on bang bang collection [because these days, strong publicity hides everything]. But when an actor wants to win the hearts of his fans [in the genuine manner], detailed lucky numerology would be needed. Its time to wake up…

The film has already received negative reviews from everyone. So, it doesn’t matter how much weekend collection, total bang bang makes.

The release date was equally unlucky for Shraddha kapoor and her new film ‘HAIDER’. The actress has her destiny number in 6 which is unlucky with thur [3]! Failure reasons for both the movies remain the same –

number 6 fails with 3.


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