Barbados Vs Cobras Today

Numbers coming from a live cricket match could be entertaining than best of entertainers. It was a joy ride, observing the wicket fall details in today’s champions league t20 match Cape Cobras Vs Barbados Trindents and forecasting the probable winner live!

The ’18 is 0′ concept ran through all the major stats of the match, and it single handedly decided the winner Cape cobras.

As we know, date and destiny of a day are to be added together to find the main number. And person/captain whose destiny match with this total number has the better winning chance.

At the same time, digit reversal means defeat/no victory. While today’s date 26 and destiny 24 adds to 50 [the 0 equals 18 makes it 5 plus 18= 23], there is the vertical 64, resembling 32. And Cape Cobras captain Ontong’ destiny number is 23. Means both the above theories applied to him. But how could it possible?

It happened in this remarkable manner. The digit reversal prevented his team from winning the match initially. The match resulted in a tie [no victory]. And then, in Super over, his team won the match!


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  1. Ajjuuu9 says:

    Need help .sir score calculate main ek problam h .muje weekday no jo plant no h wo he hoga na like sun 1 jupiter 3 ya b k r 2 is tarah nikaly sir


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